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Preschool Assessment Centers Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment Training

Project LINK contracts with the Exceptional Children Division of the NC Department of Public Instruction to provide training, technical assistance and consultation to 8 regionally-based interdisciplinary preschool teams on authentic, play-based assessment methods (TPBA2). The goals of the project are to increase the knowledge and skills of preschool professionals in working as an interdisciplinary team and using alternative assessments with young children. Young children demonstrate their optimum level of functioning when playing in developmentally appropriate environments with adults who follow their lead and facilitate their play. Authentic assessment practices require diagnosticians to observe child behavior closely, objectively document their observations, and determine age level estimations for that which is observed. Teams of diagnosticians, working collaboratively through a play-based format, assist one another in capturing the true functioning abilities of very young children in order to make sound decisions about the need for special education services. The project includes multi-day workshops, onsite visits, webinars, and ongoing technical assistance. In addition, Project LINK faculty assist the 8 sites in hosting regional workshops to promote the TPBA2 approach.

For more information, please contact: Debra Reinhartsen, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology, or Rebecca Pretzel, Ph.D., Psychology

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