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Augmentative Alternative Communication/Assistive Technology Interdisciplinary Assessment Team Initiative

In collaboration with DPI, the LINK team at the CIDD organizes and conducts trainings focused on best practice in interdisciplinary AAC/AT assessment of students in the schools. Teams learn how to assess students with a range of communication and complex motor challenges using a 3-tiered model that is designed to utilize already existing school personnel and resources. As part of the 3-tiered approach, teams also learn how to evaluate students using a modified SETT framework in tandem with already existing AAC/AT evaluation tools. The LINK team teaches participants how to assess students in their natural environments, consider the students’ individual needs, create toolkits to assess their students’ needs, and use assessment results to determine the most appropriate intervention strategies. These trainings help to promote the state’s overarching goal of developing AAC/AT assessment teams within each region of the state that will then serve as models and resources for other LEAs. In addition, the LINK team provides ongoing technical assistance through onsite visits, resources posted on a dedicated AAC webpage, and web conferencing.

For more information, please contact: Debra Reinhartsen, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology

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